5 Top Tips for Staying Sober

Content Holistic Treatment The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Addiction A Rise In Sports Betting Means A Rise In Sports Gambling Addiction Help! I Think My Loved One Is Addicted to Opioids Develop and Maintain a Structured Schedule Free Family Resource Guide Plus, community service can be a valuable recovery tool. It also creates a […]

Alcohol poisoning Symptoms and causes

Content Pulmonary Consequences Binge drinking has serious risks. Short term What are the harms of binge drinking? How many drinks a week is considered alcohol misuse? Binge drinking on a regular basis can be a characteristic of an alcohol use disorder. Find out what binge drinking is https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/alcohol-vs-drugs-comparison-of-addictions/ and its consequences on your health. Visit us […]

When Does Alcohol Withdrawal Brain Fog Go Away?

Content Ways to Improve Your Dopamine Levels Ways Quitting Drinking Affects Your Brain Tired Of Prescription¬†Drugs Giving You Brain Fog? Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder at Renewal Lodge Pro-tips: How To Prevent A Hangover Next Time How Is Brain Fog Connected With Substance Abuse? Once the body is free of alcohol, the brain can begin […]

Abstinence Violation Effect: How Does Relapse Impact Recovery?

Content How Do You Prevent The Abstinence Violation Effect? Eating Disorders and Stress* Cognitive Processes Twelve-step can certainly contribute to extreme and negative reactions to drug or alcohol use. This does not mean that 12-step is an ineffective or counterproductive source of recovery support, but that clinicians should be aware that 12-step participation may make […]