Stella Mimikou has been making art since she was a little girl.
Her art represents a deeply felt reaction to the changing world around her. Throughout her career, she dealt with themes such as: man-environment, life-death, children-toys, culture. Since 2019, during the pandemic of Covid-19, she started to participate in various Virtual International Exhibitions in all over the world after her works were selected by juries. Themes like  climate change, women’s rights, peace-war, freedom, nature, migration, children, religion, sports and other are the main issues that she has been working on for the last 10 years,  alongside more personal histories of the place where she lives and grew up.

Here you will find all of her works from 1997. Many of the works were exhibited around the world, online as well as on location.

My artwork has been selected for the Online Art Exhibition “MINIATURE”, organized by ArtBook The Platform, in Germany.

Technique: handmade paper box, mirror, mixed technique.

This artwork represents nature and beauty. It’s a symbolic artwork that talks about the beauty of the nature and how ergent is it protection. The woman in the box symbolizes woman nature and you can see her reflection on the mirror. The way people treat to the planet shows how they treat to themselves. So, my message through this artwork is the protection of the nature.


My artwork has been selected for the 9th International Virtual Art Exhibition “Woman, Muse and Poetry”, organized by Aries Galeria de Arte, in Venezuela.

Title: The Muses of Ancient Greece
Technique: mixed technique, collage and painting on canvas
Size: 40x50cm

My Statement: The Muses of Ancient Greece, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, were the Goddesses of music and poetry. There were nine of them and each represented a kind of art. Erato was the Muse of erotic poetry, while Calliope was the Muse of heroic poetry. Each had its own grace and could ease people’s suffering and pain. My work mentions the Muses of Ancient Greece, of my homeland because just as they could take with them the misfortunes and pains, so now poetry, music, theater can calm the soul of each one in a different way each time. Art can cause laughter, emotion, love, atonement, but not pain and suffering. Similarly, a woman can give joy, peace, tranquility, love, true and pure love, compassion. The woman can make life. For me, all nine Muses together symbolize the woman and her gifts. With the Muses by my side, I continue to express my feelings through my works, through Art.



My artwork has been selected for the 8th International Virtual Art Exhibition organized by Aries Galeria de Arte, in Venezuela! Thank you so much for the selection!

Title of the artwork: “Alertness”

Size: 40x50cm

Technique: mixed technique

Statement: “We must be aware, informed and prepared for everything. But in order to do this we need to be clear-minded, creative and constantly awakening new capacities of ourselves. Only then will we evolve and live happily ever after”.


My artworks have been selected for the 4th International Photography Biennale organized by IAVPOA, Lithuania!


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My artworks have been selected for the 4th International Watercolor Biennale “AWAITING NEW DESPAIR”, orhanized by IAVPOA, Lithuania.

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