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The difference is sitting in the warehouse, waiting to be put into production. If a firm is going to subdivide variances from a budget into actionable chucks of information, then it has to use the building blocks that were used to develop the budget in the first place. Variances are usually expressed as absolute values followed by either “unfavorable” or “favorable,” based on whether the variance pushes firm profit lower or higher, respectively. Use the drop-down box to select the fiscal year for calculating and

posting the WIP variance. This field displays the end date of the fiscal year, period, or subperiod.

Again, managers want to hold people and things responsible for the costs they cause because then managers can choose to have more of whatever is profitable and less of whatever is unprofitable in future periods. Now you may have noticed that the invoice was received for two purchase transactions, and therefore the total value of the invoice covers both transactions. However, we are following only the first transaction with receipt of 16,790 KG.

Sales Price Variance

Step 1) We start by taking actual materials used of 4,000 pounds and subtracting 6,000 pounds of budgeted material, which results in a difference of 2,000 pounds. They were more efficient since they used less material than they had budgeted. Select an option to specify whether previously calculated target or actual inventory burden rates should be used when calculating burden amounts. This field displays the date and time when the inventory burden rates are calculated. Enter, or use to select, the fiscal year for which WIP variance is calculated. It’s a lot like the plain old quantity variance you already know.

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Now, we take a look at the accounting entry at the time of receiving and recording the invoice. We go back to the Purchase Order document screen in the Purchase Order history tab. If you run the process for a subperiod/period other than the last period/subperiod of the fiscal year, a reversing journal entry is created. When less is spent than applied, the balance (zz) represents the favorable overall variances. Favorable overhead variances are also known as “overapplied overhead” since more cost is applied to production than was actually incurred.

8 Mix and Yield Variances

To avoid confusion I do not use the term flexible budget for this variance. So you usually cannot just use the PDOH rate as the standard price of overhead. You have to dig into the budget to find the variable overhead cost rate per unit of the cost driver. Second, the two variances, added together, do not always equal the total difference between actual cost and flexible budget cost, since actual quantity purchased is usually different from actual quantity used.

This table window displays previous journal entry creations for the

selected Fiscal Year/Period/Subperiod. If journal entries have

not been posted, you can delete the old entries and rerun the process. If journal entries have already been posted, any new entry will reflect

only the difference between the previous journal entries and the current

variance. Enter, or use to select, the period for which purchase price variance is calculated.

4.3 Direct Labor Variance Journal Entry

On the other hand, it is possible that the company’s productive efficiency drove the variances (a variable overhead efficiency variance). Thus, the Total Variable Overhead Variance can be divided into a Variable Overhead Spending Variance and a Variable Overhead Efficiency Variance. Variable overhead price variance reflects the dollar-to-cost-driver relationship between the cost driver and variable overhead costs.

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Options are Target to specify previously calculated target or Actual for actual inventory burden rates. This application allows you to create a journal entry (JE) to move the variance amounts to a specified account/organization for standard cost projects. The journal entry is posted by the Post Journal Entries (GLPJE) application. Before looking closer at these variances, it is first necessary to recall that overhead is usually applied based on a predetermined rate, such as $X per direct labor hour. This means that the amount debited to work in process is driven by the overhead application approach.

What is the rule for variance?

In statistics, variance measures variability from the average or mean. It is calculated by taking the differences between each number in the data set and the mean, then squaring the differences to make them positive, and finally dividing the sum of the squares by the number of values in the data set.

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